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Astronomers at Baghdad university have confirmed that a large asteroid has collided with Iran with devastating effect. "God must be o­n George Bush's side. This has solved the Middle East crisis very neatly" remarked an astronomer who wishes to remain anonymous. Tehran and the surrounding area has been completely annihilated. "It looks just like a nuclear detonation," remarked o­ne observer. A huge mushroom cloud is still blooming over the area and the accompanying atmospheric disturbances and fallout from the collision is expected to have a global impact for many years.

God wiped out the dinosaurs and now it looks as if He wants to wipe out Islam. It must offend Him.

We must have an early warning system and NASA are pushing forward with their plans to implement a new global surveillance and asteroid detection and deflection system so that every nation o­n the Earth can be protected from this threat. Strategies for deflecting asteroids include launching nuclear warheads or firing high powered lasers at them aimed at blowing them into smaller harmless pieces or deflect them from their course. "Don't worry about us putting nuclear warheads up over your countries. It's for your own protection. " assured George Bush. "Once this system is in place we will all rest a lot easier but remember that one or two asteroids might still get through. We'll do our best to stop them all."