Wednesday, 26 September 2007 By Foreign Affairs Desk

The streets of Rangoon have been overrun by militant Buddhist monks wanting to impose their own form of bizarre fundamentalist Buddhist ideology on Burma. Spokesman for the group Chief Rattanapong told that they had been given a god-given right to make sure Burma was a pure Buddhist country and they would do all that was necessary to make it that way.


Besides the usual thugs and layabouts that attend ‘democracy’ demonstrations in the Burmese capital, it appears that the robed rabble rousers are getting moral support from kooky new age followers in the west who have a fad-like interest in Buddhism. Little do these people know of the sinister agenda the monks have in store for the people of Burma. Far from offering a democratic alternative to the stern but fair hand of the military government, the fundamentalist monks and nuns on the march want to impose strict Buddhist laws on the population.

What are these laws?

They include:
Compulsory fasting during daylight hours.
Stopping sex education and anti-AIDS activities.
Imprisonment of homosexuals.
The banning of footwear.
Enshrinement of the monk’s position as being above the law.
Compulsory school prayers, with one hour sessions per day.
Nude pre-school.
Replacement of western medicine in hospitals with chanting and meditation.
Enforced use of saffron as a herb in all dishes.


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Like their Islamo-fascist brethren, fundamentalist Buddhist monks resort to suicide tactics to promote their agenda of hate.


Far from the benign peaceful worshippers as portrayed in the western MSM, the monks in Buddha have a radical agenda of anti-western vitriol. In particular they have a hatred for what they term “Western rationality”. It is well known that of all the world religions Buddhism is the most anti-intellectual. In fact mental laziness and lack of intellectual curiosity is a hallmark of this decadent religion. To stop the flood of “Western rationality” into their country Chief Rattanapong has promised his crazy followers that science teaching will be banned in schools because of its anti-Buddhist ideology.

So far the legitimate rulers of Burma have allowed the mad monks to demonstrate. But if the monks continue to stir up violence and terrorist acts then the Government has a right to act to protect the rights of the majority of Burmese. Perhaps it is time for Western do-gooders to stick their nose out of Burma. For like their islamo-fascist brethren in Iraq, the fundamentalist Buddhist monks of Burma want to take their country back to a Medieval year zero.

And that will benefit no one; least of all the Burmese population.


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