Created: Saturday, 06 March 2004 Written by Fritz Loves Eva
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and give 'em a little shine. First I'd spill the seed on the tissue and then grab Mr Magoo's googles.
Squeaky fuckin clean they would be.
Yep right here I'd say.
Squint ya fuckin cunt
Just open your eyes and see

Right on the pavement I'd be
(only get me rocks off when im dreaming)

Then pick him up by his sideway ears
and drop him on a reef
"Plead your story little man;
Tell us why you can;
be allowed in"

"Oh" he squeaks,"but they're coming,
From lands far away
People who dont do as I do...as you do!"

Tappered, tepid, testicle-less prick of a PM
Give him gangstas
And send the cunt home.

Ts Fuckin Elliot