#ASKBOXHEAD - Nostalgia

Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Hi Boxhead,

There are certain scenes, songs, places that fill me with an intense emotion that I can only classify as nostalgia. It is a mix of pleasure, pain, longing, lost, emotional memory wash.

Once the sensation begins I often immerse myself in it fully, i.e. turning the music up or driving closer to a location that has significant memories.

My question is, would I be better off avoiding nostalgia or is there no harm in it?



Dear Pervy,

One of the great advantages of a life with your head encased in cardboard is that you have no shame.

Absolutely no shame at all.

In my box I can do whatever I want without the worry of what my “peers” think. And when I get that “more than a feeling” I can close my eyes and drift away in a endless revelry, with the smell of wet cardboard up me nose and not a care in the world about what anyone thinks...

You on the other hand are a respectable member of the community and should have no time for such girly nonsense.


Foxy Boxy

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