I should have known better...

Friday, 16 February 2007 By I'm a Perv

I was 11 and she was 84
And her tits sagged down to the floor


But truth is stranger than fiction
And she grabbed my hand and rubbed it on her muff


Like sandpaper

But slowly she came to life and my pecker it grew
Her eyes sparkled and from my horn came the dew

"Sonny I'm going to show you how we did it 30s style..."

They did fuck in them days
Thats for sure
And I had my groovin Granny writhing on the floor

Came like Mae West; thrashing all round the place.

Then she removed her falsies and gummed me pecker
Sweet dear thing she was.

Thank you lord, that's all I wanna say.
For the pleasure of my old lady root;
I have seen the light of your ways.

I'm a Perv

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