Chicken: A la Peyote

Saturday, 14 May 2005 By Frank Blues
`Ever had the fear as your only companion?'
Theo awakes to see it all, so scared shitless he lies, frightened to move. Knows it's there awaiting him. Cast yourself into the void if you dare. Rectum splitting pain reassures him that he is still alive.
It was some time after my last drink that I woke up. I was o­n my back, o­n the ground. Felt the rocks poking my skin. Pasty eyes and wrinkled knackers. A wind skimmed me skin. The sun gone. o­n the sky was black. Shaky thoughts filled me head. Last thing I remembered was long ago. Felt like my days were long gone. Was Frank ever there? The need to tell lies is strong. Frank said that our foundations are built o­n nothing, and that’s as strong as they gunna get. All the great religious men are fundamentally con men. And to believe is just a lie. o­nly truth ever dribbles from the third eye...

And this is what happened to his old man:

So they grabbed Frank at the pub.“We are gunna take your blaspheming ass and hang it high!”Put him o­n the pony blindfolded and trotted over to the hanging tree. And the priest said:“We are gathered here today to hang this heathen cunt high and long. We all know there aint no truth but that writ in the holy bible, but this fuckwit cowboy, high as a kite o­n peyote, felt like he had to write a new chapter in the lords book. Claimed there were chickens sent by god to tell him the truth by god. Well as jesus said to satan:`get back from thee!’ His lies and abominations no longer can be tolerated. We is born into this world to serve god, not make him up! There is the truth. And that is all there is. The rest is just lies. Lies spewed from satans mouth.Oh Lord! may this cunt rot in hell. Split his scrotum asunder and let his seed fall o­n the dark dank ground. Barren and unfulfilled.”Then they put the rope around Frank’s neck and strung him up o­n the tree. For him naught but death. But for the god fearing Christian folk there was a kicking and a flailing and then that dark musty smell as Frank’s mess spread out from his pants downwards.
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