Saturday, 23 October 2004 By Flim Flam Man
because he'll make my dick bigger.
And he is steadfast against terror and it's enforcers.

because he'll let the hebeys run the world.
And he won't tolerate anti-semitism. because we will get to bomb tehran and its mad mullahs.
And he is for freedom and democracy in the middle east.

because I'd like to go double dutch with his daughters and some coke.
And he stands for family and christian values which are fucking lot better than Osama madhouse religion where you have to wipe your arse with your left hand while you can only use your right hand for eating.

Fuck it, im voting for Bush cause I want WW3 to start and he looks like our best chance since tricky dicky was pissed in the whitehouse with his finger on the button in '73.

keep him in charge, it'll all work out alright. Just think of it as the best reward for the silent majority; they voted for him (and their ilk did the same with Howard in Oz), well let them stew in their own juices with him.
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