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I'm like a boxer in a bag I keep on throwing punches but I'm never gunna get out

Created: Saturday, 08 January 2005 Written by Tom Titmouse
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Well I'm glad we all voted for Howard. He is the man for the times...

Well I know it was last year and, well, look what’s happened in the last week or so; he is completely exonerated from any badness because he is a generous fella who hugs Indonesian leaders (when all they want to do is shake his hand); so compassionate just like his great country. Australia, the land of the aussie.

The aussie; I hear that fucking word again im gunna puke, a fucking massive technicolour yawn on all those fuckin aussies helpin all the world...
Good to see another side of the Compassionate cunt that is our PM is being revealed now. Good ol aussies being beaten up and tortured in front of our officials but because he really wasn’t an aussie we wont give a shit.
In fact give that greaseball a free trip to Egypt, where he is really from, they know how to look after terrorists there.
One things for sure you know that MrMagoo on top wasn’t told anything. Not a word. Not a whisper.
Our new motto: "in ignorance bliss"
Still he was voted in and you gotta be sure that he does represent what aussies want.
Fuckin good ol aussies. I feel the aussie spirit coming on. I fuckin hate it. Its a limp dicked fuckwit spirit. The spirit of the wide brown land, a useless commodity spewed forth endlessly by the morons of the great aussie media. Fuck the aussie spirit; stick a fucking red hot poker right up its arse. Take the fucking aussie flag and wipe ya pecker off with it. Fucking aussie this and that is a fucking load of shit. Its damn hard being an aussie battler, cause when you have the aussie spirit it means you have to fight and fight to win...
What a fucking load of shit. Get out and have a look at the aussies, fucking deadweights the lot of ‘em, if the wave had hit us no-one would’ve noticed the difference, just one less yes man in the world.
aussies always fair, but always hard, always doing the right thing. How could anyone do a bad thing against an aussie?
Fucking blow 'em all sky high; dont worry no one else will give a fuck.