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Mysterious Green Boxes

Created: Thursday, 09 June 2005 Written by YUGO
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They are perched innocently o­n the kerbs of our streets. Cleverly camouflaged they sit unnoticed in the streetscapes. What are they? What are they used for? Have you seen o­ne? I got pictures.....
Some of them have displaced our mail boxes. Some of them appear to change location regularly. They look like mailboxes but they’re green. There’s no slot to poke anything into and no amount of prodding with a random assortment of objects and appendages induced any kind of orifice to open. Some local pundits have theorized that we really are living in a virtual reality similar to the o­ne popularized in the Matrix movies and that these Green boxes are a sure sign of this. They may be gateways to the real world or a communication medium of some kind. I sat by o­ne for several hours and tried to mind meld with it but my concentration was disturbed before I was successful. Stupid dog!

I went to take a picture of the o­ne I’ve been working with my son. It’s outside our local milk bar. After I took these snaps I went and bought a Kinder Surprise for my son. My jaw nearly hit the floor when we opened the surprise together and found a little green box! With arms! Smiling at me! What Is The Matrix?

Xenox News would like to hear from anyone who has seen o­ne. Send us photos of them and tell us your Green box stories.

 Green Boxes!