Created: Thursday, 19 January 2006 Written by Chato
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Jesus never existed as anything
more than an image in people's
Some people need to know... Jesus never existed as a physical
person. Never-ever.
He only exists as a pretty fairy
tale in people's minds.
No crucifixion. No virgin mother.
No saved souls. No heathens.
No miracles. No satan. No Hell.
Just the Romans and their crooked
old empire.

Jesus was cooked-up out of much
earlier myths, word-for-word
identical with the fictitious
life of Jesus.
Go into the history of the bible
and you can easily see how the
fiendish plot was cooked over
a fairly long period.

The "history" of the Jews is just
as self-serving and fictitious.
Abraham? The promised land?
God's people? My arse!

You have been told now.

What a pathetic, sad laugh all this
shit is, and to think of all the
killing and torturing of children
this always causes.