Created: Monday, 01 May 2006 Written by Chato
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Little Johnny can get free dental and
medical in Chato Nightmare Clinic.

Suddenly I was in this dream as a
dental surgeon giving the PM some
free-dental surgery, when I fucked-up
real bad, and the little cunt needed
a facial transplant more than usual.
Just as suddenly I was a surgeon in
the cranio-facial unit and we were
desperately trying to find a good
tissue-match. At last we found a
match and I stitched it onto his
deformed skull.
The surgery was performed under a
free-surgical scheme and I did a
cheap job, but I had fucked-up even
worse this time!

The only tissue match was with a
baboon, and what I had transplanted
onto the PM was a baboon's arse!
Now he had to eat through the baboon
arsehole, and if he dribbled he had
to wipe his furry testicles clean,
carefully avoiding being choked by a
hard unwelcome erection.

I remember that in some strange way,
his new face somehow suited him, and
made him look almost noble, but he
still looked very constipated.