Tony Abbott's Anus Horribilis

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 By Max Gross

1st Anniversary of Australia's Abbottoir

There's a wise old Turkish proverb: one disaster is worth a thousand words of advice.

And, concerning Team Abbott's prospects, Xenox News' reporteur-sans-fromage Max Gross reckons he can name that disaster: James Ashby.

Tony Abbott's juvenile, bovver-boy government of extremist ideology, obscurantism and incompetence has come of age with just one wafer-thin pre-election promise kept.

When the man who would become Australia's worst prime minister ever and head the worst Australian government ever, vowed his self-righteous reign would hold "no surprises", those of us who have watched his rise through the ranks of the rank Fiberal Party we knew all too well what to expect.

Abbott's mentor, former Fiberal PM "Honest" John Howard's mean and tricky assault on the marginalised, the weak and the poor of this country was akin to a creeping barrage, calculated, devious and devastating.

Tony Abbott escalated the Howard era assault to full-scale class warfare, a massive blitzkrieg on all fronts, in the apparent belief that this is the final putsch, his one and only chance to do his bit to entrench the power and influence of his class of privileged leeches, spivs and bigots and to prove himself to his born-to-rort peers.

Xenox News saw it coming.

 From Abbott's denial and subsequent exposure as the guiding hand that organised the slush fund to finance the political demise of rival nutter Pauline Hanson, to his refusal as Health Minister to grant Australian women access to the "morning-after" contraceptive, to his vile, vindictive attacks as Opposition Leader on the nation's first female prime minister, with lie upon lie upon outrageous lie, we saw it coming.


And so here it is, year one, twelve short months, and the socio-economic landscape Down Under is littered with corpses and walking wounded.

NGO's crippled, public servants cleansed, government services defunded or shut down, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, youth unemployment at record levels, the automobile industry abandoned, the ship-building industry stripped, science glibly discarded as "crap", asylum seekers neglected to death, parliamentary procedure bastardised and the office of prime minister tainted as never before by a shameless opportunist, a serial liar and a sanctimonious sham that by comparison makes his mendacious mentor John Howard look... honest.

Jesus wept.

Triassic Tony slipped into office while the Labor Party played with themselves, as if party politics was more important than keeping this creep at bay, additional proof that the party system is undermining democracy and strangling the Aussie ideal of a "fair go" for all.

However, during the past 12 months, rolling protests of outrage and disgust in country towns, regional centres and capital cities throughout Australia have increased in number and in numbers attending. Even dimwits who helped elect this vile distortion of a human being are appalled by the brazen prejudice and iniquity of the first Abbott Budget.

And with the present, belated public admission by former Fiberal staffer James Fondler Ashby that senior Fiberal MPs, now cabinet ministers, were instrumental in the political assassination - metaphorically speaking, of course! - of former Fiberal colleague Peter Slipper, Team Abbott must be praying for lots of "terrorism" and tragic aircraft crashes to distract dazed punters from the evil-doers right here at home.

Given the devastating anti-corruption enquiry revelations in New South Wales of entrenched Fiberal Party scumbuggery, the malpractice of senior federal Fiberal MPs and government ministers will come as no surprise.

Obvious candidates for colluding in the plot against Slipper include the abysmal Joe Hockey, the dubious Mal Brough and the grotesque Pyne, who has since labelled Ashby a "pathological liar" which is as good a case of black kettles as I've seen since Tony Abbott called Vladimir Putin a "bully".

That Triassic Tony's Chief-of-stuff Peta Credlin (aka Abbott's brain) is now linked to corrupt property developers, slush funds, secret financial "donors" and money-laundering is also a no-brainer (Lame pun intended).

Let's be clear.

There is no moral ambiguity about Br'er Abbott's words and deeds [].

In just 12 months he has overseen the biggest transfer of financial burden from the have-nots to the haves since Federation if not since the landing of the First Fleet.

Ongoing excuses by Abbott and his cronies of a Labor-induced "economic crisis" is a brazen though easily exposed lie the lamestream media could be bellowing from the roof-tops. But no, nothing more than murmur and the chirping of crickets.

Lord Ruprecht Murdoch's array of mass media outlets has always treated Abbott's fuck-ups and fuck-yous with TLC, as evidenced by "Ashbygate", so-called.

Accusations of Peter Slipper's systemic rorts and supposed sexual harassment were splashed all over tabloid front pages for weeks while the actual judgement exonerating Slipper was buried.

The Fiberals were exposed in a court of law of conspiring to pervert the course of justice, yet no follow up story saw the light of day and instead the Murdoch's News Corpse went into overdrive trying to discredit Julia Gillard via the dodgy doings of her boyfriend of 20 years ago.

Fuck-a-duck. Court proceedings had just revealed that Brough asked for extracts of Slipper's diary from the "staff member" who subsequently filed the sexual harassment case: poor widdle James Ashby.

At the time, Justice Rares ruled that Ashby had "acted in combination" with a fellow staffer and with Brough in plotting to publicly humiliate Slipper through legal proceedings.

Coincidentally, Brough had been preselected as the Fiberal candidate for Slipper's Sunshine Coast electorate. But golly gosh, nothing to see here, sheeple, move along...

And now that Ashby has finally found the cojones to out the bastards who aided and abetted his dubious "case" against Slipper, Pyne has crawled out of the Fiberal dung heap to prattle about "misunderstandings" and "misinterpretations" and the esoteric mysteries of his "lots and lots of conversations".

Well, he can do that until he is even bluer in the face than he normally is when spreading his ordure over parliamentary proceedings, but he and his team-mates have form on humbuggery, bullshit and bare-faced lies. 

Pyne is merely hard at work ensuring that he and his ruling class colleagues maintain the upper hand.

Team Abbott's concocted "budget emergency" was and is rolled-gold bullshit. And that, children, really is the gospel truth.

So enough Fiberal blather about "fixing Labor's mess"! If you frauds want a surplus then lets stop the rorts and top up the biscuit tin.

Scrap family trusts.

Stop subsidiosing private health insurance.

Abolish negative gearing.

Remove the tax-free status of religious institutions.

Cease public funding of private education and return the money to government schools.

Impose a genuine mining super-profits tax and maintain a price on pollution.

And dump numerous other corporate lurks besides.

These daze Team Abbott pretends the Global Financial Crisis is a myth but it remains acknowledged by economists, treasurers and financial insitutions around the world that Labor kept the GFC's worst effects at bay with its fiscal stimulus plan, as well as building for the nation's future with the NBN, the NDIS and measures addressing the threat of climate change, while all Abbott and his colleagues ever did is abuse parliamentary privilege and sabotage proceedings, plot to bring down the government through contrived scandals and relentlessly slander our first female PM in a manner sickening to recall.

By every standard indicator the ousted Labor-Minority government was effective, responsible and successful.

While other comparable OECD nations buckled under the onslaught of a real economic crisis (made in the USA and spread worldwide) the then Rudd Labor government held its nerve, acted decisively and staved off a crippling recession with a program of fiscal infusion that kept businesses afloat, Australians in jobs and the nation on its feet.

In contrast, the International Monetary Fund concluded that Rudd and Gillard's predecessor John Howard ran the most wasteful, profligate Australian government ever, a government and a political party obsessed with maintaining an unsustainable model of economic growth at any expense.

That model was shattered by the US government when it used taxpayer funds to "bail out" the corrupt institutions that caused the global economic catastrofuck.

Yep, it's socialism for the minority masters-of-the-universe and fuck you for the majority indentured plebs.

So anyhoo, there was Br'er Abbott, for years howling like a village idiot about "government waste" when it was government spending that kept the economy going.

And it was Abbott, now Australia's one-year-old PM with saliva barely dry on his chin, all the while scamming his entitlements to pay for his "charity" bike rides and his attendance at party political fundraisers.

And so help me fuuuuuuck and he's STILL doing it!

Still, there's light at the end of the arsehole.

With the exposure now of previously suppressed evidence of direct links between a property developer and the prime minister's office, the fallout from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC - ), is bound to increase and hopefully will eventually bury Br'er Abbott and his entire feral government.

We can see the pointy tip of the iceberg and Bluffman is sitting squarely upon it.

No amount of repeating "economic crisis" and "fix the budget" - or milking the news of ISIS beheadings or Putin's belligerence - will make the home truths go away.

There's rich irony in the fact that ICAC was initially established by a Fiberal government to expose corruption in its rotten Labor predecessor, only to find numerous skeletons in its dank, dark Fiberal cupboard.

It's pretty obvious that a similar independent inquiry into corruption needs to be held at a federal level.

You reckon? Maybe we should petition the nation's Attorney-General... when he gets a spare moment away from his cryptic meta-data and top-shelf, taxpayer-funded book shelves?

Nah. Fuck 'em all.

Let Team Abbott fret, twist and squeal as everything those pigfuckers clawed their way to power for crumbles within their grasp in just one squalid term in office.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, demanding change, demanding justice and demanding another vodka spritzer.

Your shout, Tex!

Read more Max here.


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