PAS CHER MONSTER BEATS - When DJ PM Howard ruled the Decks.

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 By Dancing Fool

He may have looked like Mr Magoo, but our former PM was more than just a dab hand at Politics and making Australians richer. He also liked to keep the country entertained by spinning the wax at his favourite night spots.


Places like Rooty Hill RSL or the Cranbourne Arms Hotel.

Only known image of PM Howard DJing

A dedicated mix master, lil Johnny had the crowd on their feet with tunes like “Our place, my rules” and his sensational mashup of “Ride of the Valkyries” with “The Sheik of Scrubby Creek”

At the height of his career, he also owned the International clubs Peacock, Platonic Fury and Cox.
The French called him Pas Cher Monster Beats 

An original Dancing Dudley; PM Howard combined the innate groove of his inner ear (he was often seen sporting an ear piece, even in Parliament) with his cold clear vision for what Australia should be.

In one interview Howard spoke about it:

“I want to build a temple of sound for the Middle Class Masses. I want to govern with my hands out of the way of business and the markets, and with my feet tapping to the beats of Slim Dusty. Get on the floor Australia and entrepreneurise!”

The crowd was always wall to wall when DJ Howard was in the club

Aussies remember fondly that time; when they saw their PM with his distinctive yellow tracksuit top on, bent over the decks at their local club, finding the tune so they could dance their way out of any worry and cares, all the while feeling richer as their houses prices climbed ever upward…


Nowadays Aussies are not so carefree. 6 years of socialist ALP government has them without confidence, and nostalgic for a wealthier past. Maybe new PM Tony Abbott, already known to be a dandy in his Speedos, can resurrect the DJ Howard spunk and shazam that had Australia in his thrall …

Tony, we say, it is time to get your people off their arses and on the floor!

The original Party-Pooper. Julia Gillard.


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