Jesus and Mohamed

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dear Boxhead

Is it true that Jesus got crucified so that Mohamed could become God's prophet?

Pedro McTavish


Dear Pedro,

Can you imagine life with your head in a box? Do you think those pompous religious overlords could have any understanding what it is like?

Of course they couldn't!

What my life with my head in a box has shown me is something that maybe Jesus and Mohammed could have learned from. They mightn't have felt so high and mighty with the smell of wet cardboard up their nose for 24/7.

I reckon if old JC got crucified with a box on his head Mohammed wouldn't have needed a horse to ride to heaven! We would have already been in paradise with our pina coladas and 16 vestal virgins!

No need for jihads or baptisms; we'd all by resting by the pool in a cardboard headed bliss!


So the lesson is never trust anyone unless their noggin is in the box. To listen to anyone otherwise is plainly a waste of time.





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