Monday, 04 June 2012

Dear Mr Boxhead,

Like all my friends I have been using the internet for a long time. I enjoy surfing the latest news, checking market trends, and the occasional looking at naughty pictures.

I mean, very naughty pictures.

But now a friend has told me that someone can track all my moves on the internet. They can see what I've been looking at. Maybe even someone from the government can do it.

Is this really true Boxy?

Is it?

Private Pete

Dear Pee Wee,

Like you and your friends I also enjoy surfing the world wide web. But bro, market trends? Really? Talk to me about that crap and I'll fall asleep faster than a baby in a warm and comfy basinet. Now if you were talking Xenox News then I'd be up like a priest teaching Sunday school.

As for the naughty pictures, I too get tempted by life's wonders!

Sometimes I get all adventerous, dim the lights and fiddle the old longneck and nothing makes me explode like beers left in the freezer than a red headed box-a-rette, :0

But to the question at hand.

Yes my friend the government can track you but who cares? If your really that worried about it I guess you could do what I do and wear a box on you head!

Thanks for your question.
Your friendly neighbourhood BoxHead xox

I love facebook

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