#ASKBOXHEAD Baboon er Negro?

Monday, 09 December 2013

Dear Boxhead,

If lick'n a Baboon's purple ass'd git a white crack-whore high, you think white whores 'd find the Baboon pertier than a negro crack mule?


From:   Taking a guess I'd say it was that fuckwit Ricardovitz





Dear dimwit Ricky,

What is this? An attempt to ask the 'most offensive ever' question? Man, those hillbillies are bred dumb in Georgia...


Seems you have a problem with people having fun Ricky. People like to do all sorts of things; and most care no nevermind about what some bearded hebey/horse riding camel herder/fat Indian prince/or whatever deity said about it hundreds of years ago. Take me for instance; I like to have a beer with my head in a box. And I don't give two damns what it says in 'The Bible' about it.

So learn to relax, get your mind off other peoples genitals, and lighten up ya redneck moron!




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