#ASKBOXHEAD - Rats gnaw'n at yer box???

Friday, 20 December 2019

Dear Boxhead,

Them holes from rats gnaw'n at yer cardboard brains er is they from some 'ol boy usin yo head fer targat practice with 10mm semi-auto death ray???



Dear Riky,

As you well know… MY box is like Batfink’s wings. A shield of steel against the evil and danger that lurks in the world. A barrier against the moronic, the morally blind and insane. Within my cardboard cocoon I know all, and see all that is needed. It gives me a life of total freedom, if you will.

As for me little peepholes, I need them so I don’t walk into things.

Meanwhile you keep on babbling and poking your little sista you crazed Georgian Hillbilly fuckwit!

Love and cuddles,





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