Created: Monday, 19 December 2005 Written by Chato
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The breeding sheep get the same
suite of urgent "reforms" from
the global gangsters that buy all
our politicians. As a World Bank official was
listing the "reforms" that must
be imposed on the Solomon Islands
shit-kickers, I heard the same
old load of shit that most
nations have been conned with in
recent decades.

"Tax reform",
"welfare reform",
"labour reform",
"working harder",
"working longer",
"working smarter",
"working cheaper",
"globalizing labour",
"less tax on investors",
"free trade reform" etc.

These "reforms" are usually
coated with a warm and fuzzy
coating of multiculturalism or
globalism or some such ism to
confuse the pathetic dullard
"progressives", and then the poor
victims are assured that "there
is no alternative" so don't
bother appealing to any political
leaders for help.
It is especially spew-making when
they say they are only concerned
for "the poor guy on the bottom
of the heap".

Some things are starkly clear,
the entire load for these
"reforms" is to be carried on the
backs of those who are the
poorest and any benefits will
flow to the well-off.

I have watched Ostrichlians give
up their country for the promise
of some pie in the sky, but all
they will get in the end is more
misery, strife, crowding, true
third-world poverty and civil war
as they import all the ills of
the world while they are getting
ripped-off globally.

It is wonderful how so many
people can emerge from the
education system without any
understanding of how the
mechanisms of political betrayal
function, and without any real
grasp of what justice is or how
to secure it, and how they stay
that way for their whole dopy
retarded lives.