Created: Thursday, 19 April 2007 Written by Ricardovitz
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Crocodile Dundee was ruthlessly killed by gun-confiscating police in 2000 - the true story revealed below... I am unashamed to tell you I am weeping as I write this story.

In August of 2000, Rodney William Ansell, the rugged Aussie whose real life exploits inspired the Crocodile Dundee movie, died in a shootout with a secretive Australian police unit who had come to make an example of Mr. Ansell by confiscating his firearms. Oh, you didn't read about it in our ‘free’ press? That's cause it was hidden an kept secret by the Australian Government, with threats of violence to those who leaked anything to the media.

A police sergeant was also killed in the incident; the number of "peace officers" injured while invading old 'Croc' in his natural domain remains classified and unknown today, but likely he took down several opperatives with him.

Ansell had been named 1988 Australian Man of the Year for inspiring the movie and putting Australia on the Tourism Map." of particular interest to us here in the tourism dependent desert, Ansell was probably responsible for hundreds of millions of increased tourism dollars flowing into his beloved country. This is how his country repaid him. Because you see, in today's world, no good deed goes unpunished and no bad deed un-rewarded. After all, Janet Reno was the laughingstock of DA's nation-wide and as attorney general for her inept to outright unlawful jack-booted techniques murdering church patrons in Texans and abducting children in Florida.


What motivated this shooting? In 1996, Australia adopted draconian gun control laws banning 60% of all firearms and requiring registration of all firearms and licensing of gun owners. As a result, Rod Ansell objected when the police came to confiscate his firearms. In Austrailia today, police do not need a search warrant to enter your house and search for guns. Police can search door-to-door looking for un-surrendered weapons. They have been using previous gun registration and license lists to check for non-compliance and confiscate now illegal firearms. This was the precise technique employed by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party of Nazi Germany.

The rush to draft stringent gun controls in Australia, in a curious foreshadowing of our own post-Columbine experience began after, in 1996, a crazed gunman shot 35 people. Australians were shocked, and the government reacted quickly enacting draconian gun legislation was passed in the heat of the moment. An Australian hero was gunned down by his own government because of Australia's draconian laws.

Notes former California State Senator H.L. Richardson "They outlawed every semi-auto, even those pretty duck guns, pump shotguns and semi-auto hunting rifles.
"They didn't miss a one. In today's Australia, it is illegal for any citizen except officers to own even .22's and sporting shotguns designed for duck hunting."

The result? As in Great Britain, crime has escalated beyond belief! In the year following implementation of the law, Australia experienced a 74% increase in armed robberies, 15.6% Increase in assaults and a 9.4% increase in homicides. In the state of Victoria there was a 300% increase in firearm homicides!!!l In South Australia, robberies increased 58%. Two years after the ban, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Armed robberies are up 73% and assaults are up 17%. By comparison, in the 25 years before the ban, Australia had a steady decrease both in firearm homicides and robberies. It is now a haven heaven for every criminal creep who knows there's little chance law-abiding citi-zens can defend themselves. The police can't prevent crime or protect & serve you until it's too late, - dead men can't dial 911.


Ominously, the history of Australia in many ways parallels that of the U.S. In the 1860's it had pioneering settlers like our own Western migration. In World War I and II, it fought with the Allies. Australia remained subject to Great Britain until 1986, when the last ties with the U.K. were dissolved. With just 19 million people, Australia has an impressive fauna including plenty of varmints like marsupials and dingoes which wreak havoc on ranchers' livestock. Yet hunting and Varmint eradication is prohibited for all but a handful of rich and connected Australians.


Bandits, of course, thumbed their noses at the new laws and kept their guns. As in America, by definition, only the law-abiding obey the law. The leftist Clinton/Blair-styte Australian government has even banned many types of knives. No doubt cricket bats are next.

In Australia today, self and family protection has been usurped by the government and is not a valid reason to own a firearm. Australians used to be like Americans. They recognized the value of firearms, freedom and self preservation. That is, until 2000. In Australia, a basic human right has been outlawed and a noble way of life extinguished.

Good-bye and God-Bless you Rod “Crocodile” Ansell. You were the last real Australian.

Chief Editor Ricardovitz: Watchful Eye On Freedom