Created: Thursday, 29 May 2008 Written by The_Exorcist
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What does spiritual purity cost these days?
He stood there as the girl watched. He felt this
almost overpowering urge to cut or injure. His
mustache twitched and he smiled when she begged
him to stop and then screamed as the blade sliced
through the skin of his neck.

The pain flung him from his body. And out of the
gash in the Frenchman's neck spilled hundreds of
tiny curls like soft cheese that should be avoided
during enzymatic release of large amounts of
insulin. His blood pressure dropped significantly.
His trips out of the bedroom dropped to zero, and
a small pop was heard throughout the land. "That's
it I'm dead!" he thought. "Oh! precious is the
flow That makes me white as snow!"

He reached up to his neck and felt the gaping hole.
The girl came over and stuck a fork in his eye
and thankfully it wasn't as painful as he thought
it would be.

Jesus is powerful. But nothing about spiritual
abuse is simple.