Pauline Hanson, I love you...

Created: Friday, 08 August 2008 Written by Ricardovitz
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Ms Fish and ChipsY'all have a great woman among you, Praise God for Pauline Hanson Dearist Pauline,

I realy really love you. Yer thar only hope that the Australians have goin for 'em right now. You love guns and stand up fer yer the good white folks of Australia, thar way you aught to.

And, you have some mighty fine breasts sittin thar on yer chest of yers - ain't nothin to be ashamed of thar. How 'bout them curtians match yer carpet? Red on the head means fire in thar bed, woman. We need more women like you. That's for dern sure!!
Love Correspondent: Ricardovitz