Created: Tuesday, 02 January 2007 Written by Chato
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How you pathetic dullards will help
poor Africans to get a feed.

The art of charity may be enlightened self-interest
says John, the plucky little Oz national thing.

Market forces have responded to the Oz appetite
for brown and yellow water, as anaemic clear water
falls from favour with the robopathic consumers.

Soon by the magic of increased charges for water
services, Ostrichlians will be able to have such
delicacies as ebola virus and exotic strains of
drug-resistant microbes delivered with solids,
directly from the poverty-stricken arse of a member
of the dark races from the horn of africa.

The privatized water service will supply a native
posed as a tasteful fitting that will hang the arse
over the typical middle-class kitchen sink.
Not only will recycled water be available from
the lucky fitting but it will happily consume kitchen
scraps and similar household rubbish.

The prime national John thing has been nominated
for all prominent humanitarian awards by a very
grateful, retarded public.