Is Jesus and all his Lovers Leading Australia to the promised COVID-free land?

Wednesday, 06 October 2021 By The Faith Desk

Back in the day...You used to be embarrassed to say if you were religious. You would be (rightly) mocked and scorned. Laughed out of the room in fact!

But now it seems there are heaps of bible-thumping, tongue wagging, Christian lunatics around. Who all love to loudly proclaim their Faith and tell all and sundry how they are Born Again Jesus lovers. And what's even worse is that some of these fuckwits are now in our political parties and holding the Reins of Power!


A sneak peek at NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet's underwear.

Shit. Who’s to blame for this woeful set of circumstances? Is it the revenge of that old poof Bob-fucking-Santamaria? The wholesale adoption of Idiotland USA culture? The power of the Holy Ghost sweeping the land?

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Another Religious Political Leader proud to Proclaim his Faith.

I tells ya, I am not so sure. Maybe it's all of the above.

Whatever the case, we now have 2 Christian cockheads in positions of power with PM ScoMo and new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet. So the question is Aussie, what you gunna do about it?

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Nowadays it's as easy to change your Spiritual Life as it is your Wife.

Look, perhaps it is not so bad? After all Jebbus did tell Premier Dom to throw down the COVID barriers and now our Sleepy Land of the Lucky is opening up again to the rest of the World. It even made the likes of Dictator Dan change his wicked ways. Could it be these God botherers are on to something...

These end of days feelings just keep growing. Maybe it's good that we have Armageddon-minded leaders in Charge? Could they lead us out of this Earthly hell and into a Glorious Heaven?

Shit. Maybe all of us sinners are wrong and they are right!

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Here's some more Religious Themed JEWelry for you. Can wear it on your Pecker or Nipple.

Well get out the way and let me on to the born-again fuckwit bandwagon! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Let's hand out guns to kill the COVID and non-believers! Bibles to brainwash the masses!

And as for climate change... I am gunna rapture my way out of that disaster!

Yeh I am gunna be Saved. And as for you heathen atheist/muslim non-believers…

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Burn in Hell Muthurfuckers!

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