Diary of a Sad Man

Created: Monday, 18 October 2004 Written by Submit_News
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This talk of global war, terrorism amok. Let it come! Let it cure this human disease once and for all. Only then will real rest be possible on this frail blue planet. My head is humming. It takes so long to fall asleep each night but once there I do sleep deeply. There are dreams but I seldom recall the details. I sleep late at every opportunity. Bed is best. I float through a warm and pleasant vacuum like a leaf on a breeze. I struggle to remain asleep. Stay away. Let me be. Some days, when I wake up, the real world seems far less real than the vaguely sensed one of my dreams. Daylight is harsh and all sound is raucous. Back to bed. Shh. Let me be. And so it goes, on and on...
-mr jupiter