Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 By FlimFlamMan

While we wail at a nightmare of genocidal bullshit our little golfball is cooking up.


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And with it, we are all heading for a world of pain. But look at the bunch of arseholes and losers in charge at the moment...

Sleepy Joe or Fuckwit Trump.

Keith 'MI5' Starmer.

PM 'Squeaky' Albo.

With useless pricks like these we have no fucking hope of dealing with this problem.

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Not that the previous lot of leaders were much chop either.

So what to do. Educate, agitate, organise. But that ain't easy when everything conspires against it. I mean, there was the possibility of a couple of half-decent leaders recently but the powers that really be put the kibosh on that quick smart.

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JC being dragged away for Satan to have his wicked with him...just like what's happening to us under the 'International Rules Based Order'.


Gather your friends and allies. No hope being alone, best to stand together. Find common ground and stand your ground. Start to build up your supplies.


As old Saigon Seamus said, update your motorbike riding and shooting skills, get fit enough to ford a stream, and always keep an eye over your shoulder.

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