Created: Sunday, 20 November 2005 Written by Chato
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Major Oz parties are working
together to secure a very fair
and highly efficient future for
the Oz poor. "A third world future for the
Howardland" is the optimistic
new motto of the "Albert Speer
memorial central planning unit".

The hard but fair new unit will
be efficiently coordinated by
both Centrelink(TM) (central
data-matching and linking) and
the Ministry of Fairness Pty Ltd.

At last we see Labor & Liberal
working together as the efficient
new "Laberal"(TM) party as they
clear away "useless feeders" that
have obstructed the stern but
fair progress of the Howardland.

Having leased a modern central
planning model from the stern but
fair fatherland of Turkmenistan,
a pioneer of the "new way", the
"Laberal"(TM) party will extract
maximum fair work from the
grateful Oz robopaths with the
maximum fair efficiency.

Any work units who may slip
through the "Safety Net"(TM) will
be caught and protected by 100
kilometre razor wire fences of
Freedom Camps Pty Ltd, a local
branch of DeathCampsUSA(TM).

"Laberal"(TM) anticipates that
most Oz work units will soon
live and die by the hard but
fair words: "endless unpaid work
will set you free"(TM) thereby
restoring pride to the stern
Howardland patrician classes.