Created: Friday, 02 December 2005 Written by Chato
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The joy of the Oz bipartisan
third-world shithole future. It is always a wonder and a joy
to see how Ostrichlians always
lower their expectations to fit
in with the latest dirty tricks
from the bipartisan boys down
in that evil shithole Canberra.

No matter how awful the menu
served-up to the Oz public they
suck it right on down, turds,
recycled waste and all.
Waving their little flags on
the way to the death camps.

Well I'm sure you will all be
hysterical with joy very soon
because even Caligula would
envy the fiendish future being
planned for Ostrichlia by the
masters of your doomed country.

Patriotism is truly the last
refuge of the violent, deeply
fuckwitted, serial breeding,
confused retard!