Created: Wednesday, 07 December 2005 Written by Chato
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Dangerous old lunatic is in top
suicide gear now as Oz public
fails once again to learn the
lessons of history.
Filthy old Uncle Suckhole,
feeling the Angel of Death
breathing on his neck, has
shifted from inciting violence to
actual social violence against
those Oz citizens most fucked
over by globalism and "reform".

To have his revenge and to finish
off a career based on hypocrisy,
lies, misanthropy and bludging;
while racing against death; the
filthiest little mongrel of all
plans to leave the nation a
smouldering ruin - a miserable
legacy and a monument to his
malignant mix of senile dementia
and toxic personality disorder.

As the rising tide of misery has
not quite reached their nostrils
yet, the more stupid Oz dullards
still think that they have safe
cabins on the national Titanic as
it sails steadily towards certain
catastrophe. They will never know
what hits them!

If not for Bob Brown, there would
be almost no trace of political
opposition to Uncle Suckhole's
suicidal, corporate hijacking of
the nation.
The rest of the slimy windbags
and jellyfish in Canberra who are
paid to keep government honest,
are screwing us stupid.