Created: Wednesday, 31 May 2006 Written by Chato
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Respecting the dignity of the PM who has
loyally served his globalist masters.

The Chato Institute has finally agreed
to change the PM's name to one that
truly reflects his essential character.

From this day, the name of the Performing
Monkey shall cease to be the degrading,
undignified "Uncle Suckhole", and will
reflect his total loyalty to his chosen
country. He shall now be known by the
name "Uncle Suck Arse".

All official Oz stationary will be
marked "property of U.S.A." and the
"Howardland Soylent Brown and Sewage"
factory is shortly to be renamed
"U.S.A. Soylent Brown and Sewage".

His initials shall also appear on the
"OZZI STUPID CARD" that will then be
known as the "U.S.A. CARD", meaning
"Un-Smart Android CARD".