Created: Monday, 11 December 2006 Written by Chato
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How Quadrant magazine saved the world
from "the reds under the bed!"

Probably the most nauseating puddle of
spew from The Rodent's arselicking drone
for Quadrant's role in defeating "world
oppression" (October 2006) was this gem:

"In time, the world would luckily see the emergence
of three remarkable individuals whose MORAL CLARITY
punctured such nonsense (left-wing views):
Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II.
All of us here tonight owe a particular debt of gratitude
to these three TOWERING FIGURES of the late 20th century."

Moral clarity? You can almost hear the sucking sounds!

No doubt the Rodent imagines his own non-core self
joining this repellent gang of "TOWERING FIGURES" in
the affections of corrupt historians who write drivel
for such crappy publications. I just want him to join
his fellow scum in a coffin.

As for Quadrant, the champion of such
liberating "TOWERING FIGURES", was funded
by another notorious champion of freedom:

[Quadrant Magazine was the brainchild of
Richard Krygier, the founding secretary of
the Australian branch of the Congress for
Cultural Freedom which was established by
the CIA in 1950 as a key element in their
strategy to combat Soviet propaganda.
In its first year the CIA outlay on the
Congress for Cultural Freedom was $200,000.]

No mention of that in his speech!