Wednesday, 13 December 2006 By Chato
The Oz PM is defiant in the face of his own
firm resolve, and "will not budge" in his
total support and total opposition to a
national ID card for OZ.

John Hogturd PM was rabid in his opposition
and support for the National ID Card:

"When you realise that the assumption of the
Australia Card legislation is that every
Australian is a cheat, when you realise that
it involves establishing a level of
intrusion of a draconian kind into the day
to day activities of many people and when
people really read and understand the
legislation, I believe that the support that
some people feel, particularly in the ranks
of the Government for this proposal, is
going to disappear. Now that I have
introduced this stalinist obscenity by
stealth, I am bound by my strong sense of
decency to oppose myself at every turn on
this evil legislation. I believe that I have
the Oz public with me on this thing - unless
I actually haven't! Not that it matters..."

The Human Disservices Minister Al Capone
easily brushed aside public doubt:

"Suggestions that the Mafia will be into
this system within a week is ridiculous!
I am rushing the Hogturd regime ID card into
service as soon as I do a deal with all
the ethnic gangs that have an interest in
the technology."
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