Created: Monday, 09 April 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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The proud IR boner about to go soft?

Non-core John's hardest erection since
the Iraq boner, is about to go totally
soft in a desperate attempt to slither
back into Kirribilli House.

The Workplace Relations Act, always rotten,
is about to become terminally limp, as
John prepares to pull a swift set of changes
on the voting public. The not-so-secret plan
is to substitute a less alarming set of numbers
for the current set, to convince the workers
of the act's harmlessness.

Feigning floppy harmlessness himself, the
non-core Kirribilli House Rodent mumbled,

"I can't see why we cannot put it back the
way I originally wanted it to be once I get
voted back in! I will just mark this as more
non-core stuff, that way it won't be a lie,
and I can get hard again later!"