Dud Rudd's speech invokes Whitlam as inspiration

Created: Friday, 27 April 2007 Written by Digger
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ALP opposition leader and darling of the latte-sippers drew on the war cry of Gough Whitlam in his speech to the Labour National Council today. He told the crowd of party apparatchiks and union bullies that PM John Howard's "time was up".

He obviously thinks he must be back in 1972 and It's Time again.

Well this will be music to the ears of John Howard. Already showing a strong rebound in the polls, PM Howard will now just remind the Australian public of the glories of the ALP Whitlam government:

High Inflation
High Unemployment
Crazed leftist Ministers
Huge Government Debt

Not to mention the monthly scandals that plagued Whitlam's inept administration.

We all know it will be the same if Krudd and his team ex-Union lackeys get their hands on Australia's $800 Billion/year economy.

This is the turning point; Kruddy has jumped the shark and like his predecessors Latham and Beazley he will lose the next election to Australia's greatest PM John Howard. A man with more integrity, honesty, and intestinal fortitude than all those clowns combined.