Monday, 20 November 2006 By G20 Protester
Well we didn't get going until Saturday. But once we started boy we had a ball!

Who said Melbum was Bleak City?

We know how to party here. And party we did; damn the consequences.
Some took their children to watch.

One of my main tasks was to get to the building's roof and cool off those G20 ragers below. So I grabbed the firehouse and started squirting.

A new crowd control device used by the G20 bouncers.

Me mates had problems with the enclosures and the bouncers; so they moved them out the way.

It was getting hot. I spotted a Costello and lobbed a bottle of piss for him to drink.

By the end of the day we had liberated nearly all of the CBD.

Essential refreshment at the Party of Special Things to do.

I thought our party would have been appreciated by the multitudes but it looks like the squares wanna criticise us again.

One of Melbum’s favourite sons. He was at the G20; in spirit at least.

What's up with these party poopers? Can't they see we just wanted to have a good time, take a tab and blow our minds?

I don't care what they think, the next international rage is in Sydney. The APEC fuckfest. I'll be there for sure.

The entrance for the Sydney APEC

Why don't you join us this time?

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