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REBECA PETERS - RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CASTRATION OF AUSTRALIA Australia has become the Poster Child for global gun control. Rebeca Peters, whore for billionair George is focusing her efforts on the proposed United Nations treaty banning civilian possession of small arms. There's a vote on the topic as well.

Rebecca Peters almost, and other like minded Australian Homosexuals, backed by billionair self-hating Jew George Soros, single-handedly brought gun confiscation to Australia and to England, and is now the most feared gun-banner in the world. With more than 500 gun control organizations under her command worldwide, and with the unlimited financial backing of Jew-turned Nazi, billionaire George Soros, she`s determined to make gun confiscation a reality here in the United States” through a U.N.-backed treaty that would be binding on every American citizen. But, US citizens have vowed to fight the whore who castrated Australia to the bitter end. Peters takes aim at slashing American testicals, turning it into a pacifist nation, just as she and her pimp Sors has done to Australia.

Rebecca Peters: Chief Executive of IANSA (the International Action Network of Small Arms), In 1996 Neutered Australians and her Lesiban cohorts, awareded Rebecca the Australian Human Rights Medal for her work in promoting gun control in Australia... IANSA is the global network of civil society organizations working to stop proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. IANSA brings world attention on the humantarian impact of these weapons and brings the voices and activities of non-government organizations and concerned individuals across the world. Founded in 1998 it now has more than 500 participant groups in nearly one hundred countries. Rebecca Peters works hand-in-hand with the United Nations to ban small arms around the globe. Peters engineered the 1996 campaign that banned, confiscated and destroyed 640,000 rifles and shotguns owned by law-abiding Australians.

Now, it has leaked out that the true agenda of Peters is to promote her homosexuality through neutering more of the male species. There have been rumers for years about the Lesbian's Political wing and it's connections to gun banning. Even Peters has secretly implied that the dissarming of men around the globe has been a fundemental goal in the Lesbian castration of the Human Race.