The Real Nicole Cornes Story....

Created: Friday, 29 February 2008 Written by Ricardovitz
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Labor Candidate's Secret Hate and Desire For Revenge

The former Labor candidate Nicole Cornes wept over the legal proceedings concerning  the man who sexually abused her.  A close supporter suspects that Ms. Crones harbours deep hatred and desires the severest form of vengence upon her attacker.

The Supreme Court dismissed an application for an appeal by child molestor Gordon Maxwell Clark.
72-year-old Clark was convicted of molesting Ms. Cornes when she was five.

"I'm really relieved that this aspect of the matter is over, but I don't wish to comment any further," Ms Cornes said outside court.

In 2004, Clark,  was charged with three counts of indecent assault and was subsequently convicted o­n two of the three counts last year.


"I looked at him and I told him 'this is what you did, and you have to be accountable'.  There is a growing movement in Australia called Vengance Therapy.  It's supporters believe that those who have had henious crimes perpetrated upon them should be given the power to punnish the criminals themselves, rather than burdening the system with the job and responsibilities of punishment.  In this type of case, it is being advocated that victims be permitted to execute the criminal by firing squad.  The biggest concern, however, is that many of the guns formerly owned by Australian Citizens have been confiscated and few victims would be able to carry out this type of punnishment.

This has created a tremendous backlash against the Howard gun bans, and Rudd's failure to give back the firearms stolen from the Australian people.  Obviously, o­ne correspondent reports, "that the Australian people have been rendered utterly defenseless", by their government.

This is a real dillema for Ms. Cornes, because prior to today, she had believed that no civilian should own firearms for any purpose whatsoever.  Has Ms. Cornes had a change of heart o­n this toppic?   Recent events indicate that, perhaps she has.

Now, defense counsel says that Ms. Crones' "evidence was found to be insufficiently reliable to (prove) two of the counts charged." Some feel that this is an abomination of the law, and instituting swift executions would eliminate such protracted and painfull discussions based o­n falsehoods if people like Clark could be swiftly put to death.

Now, it has been uncovered that Chief Justice Doyle dismissed the sleezy defense attorney's application as a "fishing expedition".  Is this what we can expect from Australia's justice system?  Lies, cheats, and abuse of the system, without severe reprocussions?

Then, the very last blow occured when Ms. Cornes attorney had to inform here that Clark was bailed pending sentencing at a later date.  Ms. Cornes is faced with the fact that this convicted child molester, a monster by all standards of decency, has been let loose and she has no way of possibly defending herself against another attack.  Australia has become a nation of helpless victims, at the mercy of thugs, thieves, rapists, and molesters.  All the while, the lawyers chit-chat with the Judges about process and abuse of process, when decent people are having their flesh and bones mutilated in vain.

World Correspondent: Ricardovitz