Sydney ISIS Hostage Situation...

Monday, 15 December 2014 By DIgger

Thank God PM Abbott is in Charge!



As the terrorist crisis unfolds in Sydney one thing Australians can be sure of is that they have a strong leader who will do everything in his power to protect us.

That leader is Tony Abbott.

Forget the political polls and Medias biased nonsense against the Abbott government. They have stopped the boat loads of terrorists heading our way and I am sure he will now deal with those within our midst.

You can trust his cool calm character to find a solution to this siege. Unlike the ludicrous JuLiar Gillard he is not beholden to the ethnic lobbies; so if some straight talking and fast action needs to be done Tony is the man to do it.

He stood up to Putin so I reckon he can stand up to a bunch of thugs hiding behind civilians.

abbott man  supporter


And you will see that the vast majority of dinky di Aussie’s will be back to supporting Tony when he does.

So stick that in ya pipe and smoke it lefties!



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