Aussie Election 2022

Monday, 11 April 2022 By Tom Titmouse

Christ. Are we going to have another election? How many of these fucking things do we have to do?

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 Here's Julia. A real Labor Legend and Winner.

We all know the average Aussie is an imbecile. A dinki-di dickhead! Why indulge their idiocy by giving them a choice on who rules them? Crazy!

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Another Member of the Aussie Politics Hall of Fame.

And what a great choice we have in this election. That born again christian fuckwit ScoMo, and the former tub of lard lamo Albanese. Shit. Is there anything more dull and stupider than Australian Politics?

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Can you imagine this fuckwit was Aussie PM? Tells you all you need to know about the standards of Aussie Politics.

But nonetheless they have decided they are gunna do it again. Well will be here, as it always has, with the latest and greatest on what is happening in Showdown 2022. ScoMo vs WogBoy. It'll be a real doozy...

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Is this cunt dead yet? If he is let's dig him up, and get Alan back running the country again!


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