Sunday, 03 October 2004 By Patriot

It is Australia's most important election since 1975. It is a stark choice: an erratic and unknown opposition leader versus a dour but strong Prime Minister who always puts Australia first.


Any extended analysis of ALP leader Mark Latham always brings one to the conclusion that this is a man who should not be in control of Australia as we face the direst threats since WW2. It appears that always his first instinct is to run away and let someone else do it. His grasp of economic theory is at best rudimentary, and as has been clearly demonstrated by his reign as Liverpool Council Mayor, it would be asking for trouble to let him run Australia's $800 Billion economy.

On the other hand Prime Minister Howard has bought a gravitas and humility to the position of Australia's leader. He is keenly aware of the need for Australia to be strong and supportive of their number one ally the US. He was there when the terrorists struck at the heart of civilisation on that black day in September 2001. And he knew instinctively that only by bringing the fight to the terrorists could we all be safe.

Not only has he been a true stalwart in the Global War on Terror, but also he and his able deputy Peter Costello have been the brains behind the miracle economy of Australia of the last 8 years. Inheriting a huge government debt and high interest rates and inflation they have single handely made Australia a country whose economy is the envy of the world.

So remember to take these thoughts with you into the polling booth on October 9; Who will protect you best from the forces of evil that want to destroy your world, and who will keep your interest rates low so you and your family can enjoy the prosperity you deserve?


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