Created: Monday, 25 April 2005 Written by LordyLordyLordy
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Aussie PM Howard reflected on the bravery of the Aussie diggers who 90 years ago charged onto the beaches at Gallipoli and proceeded to get their arses kicked by the Turks.
"It's something peculiarly Australian that we come here to celebrate brave Aussies who came thousands of miles to be told by another country to go and get killed," the senile Aussie PM said at the dawn service,
"I call it the Aussie spirit."
He then went on to boast about his role in furthering the myth of Gallipoli,

"You know that before I became PM most Australians didn't know that we won World War One here at ANZAC cove. I see it is the greatest achievement of my Prime Ministership that the ANZAC legend will be forever tied up with me."

He and his wife Hyacinth then drove from the beach back to Istanbul along the newly laid John Howard Highway to a cocktail reception at the Australian Embassy.