From Tahrir to Tehran: the diabolical links between the "Arab Spring" and the Mad Mullahs!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011 By Patriot

A exclusive - the hand of Tehran fermenting violence and anti-West hatred in Egypt!

Earlier this year the world was filled with hope as hordes of young, rambunctious demonstrators descended upon Cairo’s Tahrir square to protest for democracy and the freedom to do business. They, as the other brave protesters in Tunisia, Syria, and Libya, seemed to offer hope that Arab lands could finally be dragged from their backwardness and into the 21st Century.


Some of the crazies demonstrating in Tahrir Square.


However in the time since then it appears that the so called ‘Arab spring’ has failed to live up to its hype; with violence still raging throughout the Middle East. Indeed only in Libya, where the firm hand of the West delivered liberty to its oppressed citizens, can one really say has any real freedom been secured.


To investigate why the ‘Arab Spring’ has gone backward I recently went to Egypt. What I found was shocking and a cause for real concern to anyone who values freedom, democracy, and the right to do business. Egypt it seems has taken a turn for the worse, and even more worrying is the sinister hand of the Mad Mullahs of Tehran reaching across and stirring up trouble in this ancient land.


During my time there I spoke with many of the cognoscenti of Egypt, men who have been educated in the West and have long been supporters of a strong alliance with the US. What they told me was shocking; said one (who remains anonymous because of threats against his life by agents of Tehran):

“Our great Nation is locked in a fight to the death with the Iranians. They see an opportunity to gain a foothold here in Egypt and to make a supine ally for themselves on the shores of the Mediterranean!”


Egypt cries out for its real patriots -  Mubarak and Sadat.


While we smoked shisha and gobbled figs and dates these loyal sons of Egypt reeled off a litany of events which they claimed had the stamp of the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.

“The attacks on the gas pipeline in the Sinai, the storming of the Israeli and Saudi embassies, instigating the riots against the Copts,” said Abdul (not real name),

“They are involved in all of this!”

Besides sending agents and seducing locals with wads of cash, the Iranians are also taking advantage of the chaos in Egypt and trying to subvert the political process. Abdul told me:

“The Muslim Brotherhood here is working hand in glove with agents from Tehran. They are going to ‘win’ the next election one way or another and so have control of the levers of Government!”


The Republican Guard of Iran - roaming free in Egypt?


What particularly riled these great men was the treatment former Allies were receiving. They were outraged about the attacks on Israeli interests here. They know Israel is on the frontline against this Islamofascist peril from Tehran. And they warned me that if Tehran had its way in Egypt, Israel would be in mortal danger.

“Israel, like us, is on the frontline in the war on terror. If we both fall the West will be next!”


The darling of the latte sippers - Iranian President Madmanahmed.


Apologists for the theocracy in Tehran like Pilger and Gross can smear and distort all they want, but the truth is unimpeachable. Tehran is a danger to us all and must be dealt with severely.


So what can the West do? As recent events in Libya shows, sometimes the forces of good need a helping hand from the strong. I suggest that Obama should seriously plan for the possible fall of Cairo to the Mad Mullahs and he must act now to prevent it. We lost a stalwart ally in region in 1979 when we let the Shah be toppled by the bloodthirsty maniac Ayatollah Khomeini; we cannot let it happen again. However I must admit that I do not have much faith in our current crop of leaders to act decisively. They lack the backbone that the trio of Bush, Blair, and Howard demonstrated when they stood up to the tyrant Saddam. But, as my investigations show, they must act now all else we will all suffer in the future!


God bless,



ps The breaking news of the foiling of an Iranian terrorist attack in the US only reinforces my report. The Mad Mullahs have to be dealt with now. With extreme prejudice.


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