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Australian Government Apologises!

Created: Monday, 30 May 2005 Written by agitprop
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Throwing its usual devious caution and slimy political expediency to the wind, the Federal Government has finally bowed to public pressure and issued an official apology... In an interview on the ABC's 7.30 Report this week, that dense, pompous bitch Alexandra Downer (aka the Foreign Minister), said sorry on behalf of the Howard dictatorship.

But not to marginilised aboriginal Australians who remain third-world citizens in their own country, and not to the working poor, the disabled and unemployed who its continues to scapegoat and harass as a matter of idealogy not "welfare reform", and certainly not to the cruelly maligned asylum-seekers rotting in mainland and outsourced prison camps... No, that would be too fucken much to ask of John Fuckyou Howard PM and his band of wankers, god-botherers and gutless suckholes.

So who was the bumbling Foreign Minister feeling sorry for?

Why, for Schapelle Corby, of course, the accused Bali "drug-smuggler" sentenced by Indonesian judges to rot for 20 fucken years in one of their sterling correctional facilities!

"You can't help feeling sorry for another human being being incarcerated", was dipshit Downer's noble, tear-wrenching admission.

By inference, the Foreign Menstrual was also expressing the Howard government's implicit view that Australia's blacks, poor and imprisoned refugees are NOT human beings!

Jesus on a stick! Where's the fucken humanity! What the fuck is wrong with this bloody country!