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Created: Thursday, 09 June 2005 Written by Chato
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Chato applies the ultimate
litmus test as a last desperate
attempt to find value in Oz P.M.
Judarse Wipestone Horrid. Having said unkind things about
the Parasitic Maggot in the past,
and remembering that some had
called him an arsewipe, I set
out to see if he was an OK sort
of arsewipe.

So after a fair investigation:

Yes, he IS an arsewipe, but so
overused and saturated with the
filthy crap of the many scum who
had used him, that if I had used
him I would have soiled myself

I've been fair, but it remains
a mystery to me, of what use
can he possibly be?

I've exhausted the last
earthly possibility!