P.M.'s little TORT RORT.

Created: Friday, 17 June 2005 Written by Chato
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Don't hold your breath waiting
for the Ostrichlian mass media
to blow the whistle on the
Rodent's special favour for the
insurance industry: "TORT LAW
REFORM", the filthy load of crap
that was cleverly crafted by
Sinator Hellspawn Coondumb, for
the Nasty Party neocon "reforms"
when she was assistant thing for

The mass media have had the
whole criminal plot explained to
them years ago, when the scam
was exposed by a group of
offended OZ lawyers, and since
then we have heard only
sweet-fuck-all from our supine
Ostrichlian mass media.

"REFORM" - that's a laugh, we
have come to know what "REFORM"
means these days, and it is
never good news for the dopy

It must be clear by now, even to
the dull OZ public, that the
sociopathic bunch of crooked
lawyers that pretend to be the
government, are working
exclusively for large, wealthy
transnational organizations, and
against the interests of
Ostrichlian citizens.

Do you have to wait until you
have to claim damages against
someone's insurance and get
told, "TORT LAW REFORM! - now
fuck off you loser!", before you
realize that the little Canberra
Maggot has dudded you once again
for his mega-wealthy mates?