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Created: Saturday, 24 November 2007 Written by TOM TITMOUSE
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I have written about Melbourne's mortgage belt before. It is a dread and dire place; filled with self-righteous Herald-Sun reading dimwits whose appetite for middle class welfare knows no bounds. Unfortunately for us it is these fuckwits that will be deciding the Government for me and you. So for XenoxNews.com election 2007 reporting extravaganza I have ensconced myself in the counting room of the key polling booth of Burwood Heights Primary School. Perched on the crossroads of this electorate, it is here that any swing to Rudd will be detected first. And I can tell you that the news so far is looking bleak for the 'True Believers' of the ALP.
Downcast Laborite voting scrutineers have been storming out of the counting room and angrily reporting results to the party HQ. Their news? No swing to Rudd! I know it is early but the signs are looking bad for the ALP and it's rusted on supporters at the moment.

If anything changes you will hear it from me first on XenoxNews.com.

I'm voting for whoever she's voting for!