Saturday, 24 November 2007 By LordyLordyLordy
LordyLordyLordy in Lindsay.

Well here I am in Glenmore Park in the midst of the glorious electorate of Lindsay. Until now it was represented by 70 year old PM Howard's pin-up girl Jackie Kelly, but like every other electorate in Australia it is up for grabs this evening. Of course the other big news here was the fake 'ALP loves Muslims' pamphlet distributed by Kelly's husband and other Liberal Party stooges. It caused a storm all round the country except here it seems because I can report to you that early results actually show a swing to the Liberals! I have spoken to scrutineers from both sides and they can confirm that early counts are favouring Howard!

Can you fucking believe that shit! If that cunt fucking wins again thats it. I'm bailing. This country is already a shithole, imagine what it'll be like after 3 more years of that 4-eyed Mr Magoo look alike? Fuck that, I'm moving to Lisboa.

If that 4-eyed cunt wins another term I am waving goodbye to this dump!

If I can be bothered I'll report more later, but at the moment that bottle of vodka and gram of cocaine is looking better and better.

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