Tuesday, 30 November 2010 By Digger

The decent hard working aussies of Victoria had their say over the weekend.

And their message was loud and clear: We don’t want the socialist ALP!


The new dynamic Liberal Party of Ted Baillieu has been swept to victory and all that is left is for the latte sippers is to cry into their froth. Decent hard working aussies are sick of the over spending and high taxing Labor governments. They want to get back to the strong economic management of the Liberals; before our national credit card reaches its limit!


Fine Victorian Premiers of Old

Two fine Victorian Premiers of Old


Current PM Gillard should heed the warning from Victoria – it is time for her weak and ineffectual minority government to get out of the way and let the go-getters of the Tony Abbott team bring back the economic sunshine we all enjoyed under PM Howard’s governance.


And as for the Greens… Their pathetic showing at this election only proves that your regular Aussie doesn’t want to go near their airy-fairy economics or totalitarian environment policies. They are spent force and should leave politics to the big boys.




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