Created: Sunday, 16 October 2005 Written by Chato
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That which feeds a sociopath's
non-core, iron-clad craving, is
your misery plus GST, in this new
free, wicked world.
What hurts you, pleases him.
Plutocrats and those who serve
their interests are more often
than not, sociopaths.
If you think nothing of this,
then think again. You may not be
safe even if you think you are.

If sociopaths kept quietly to
themselves, they would not
matter at all.
But the only way sociopaths can
live with their condition is to
get thrills from demonstrating
their power over others by
misusing and injuring them to
some degree.

It helps to explain the endless
stream of betrayals and mean acts
that national leaders inflict
upon the more helpless of their
citizens - when you see the degree
to which these leaders match the
sociopathic paradigm, where it is
common for sociopaths to be in
positions of "authority" and to
display the symbols of social

Those who emphasize wealth and
power as yardsticks of success
are more or less sociopaths.
If they try to force others to
serve them in securing wealth and
power, or they wish to degrade
others, then they are even more

One should remember that the
misery, vulnerability, and
seeming degradation of those who
are misused is an important part
of the crappy psychological
payoff in the sick inner life of
a sociopath.

I find it chilling to watch a
national government attempt to
use sociopathic degradation
ceremonials to secure the
compliance of citizens while they
insist upon the necessity and
"fairness" of these "reforms".

The "democratic" complicity of a
large number of citizens does not
make this type of "legal" crime
any less wicked.