Created: Tuesday, 04 August 2009 Written by Digger
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Well, well, ...

It seems that his limp wristed way of handling the real threat of Islamo-fascist terrorism has bitten PM Kruddy on the bum. He thought he could appease these nutters by fleeing from Iraq with his tail between his legs. But the arrest of four Muslim extremists in Melbourne has demonstrated once again that trying to make peace with these crazies is impossible.

These demented lunatics were going to try and kill as many of our brave diggers as they could. This is what happens when you let the loony left set the foreign policy agenda of our country. Of course when we had our greatest PM John Howard in charge we knew these things would never happen in our homeland. The terrorists knew he would always answer their threats with force. I think it won't be long before the majority of hard working Aussies realise what a mistake Kruddy has been and will boot him and his cronies out of office.