Thursday, 06 May 2010 By Digger

Wild and whacked out lefty rioters in Greece are burning people alive and demolishing property in a quest to start another “Communist Revolution’. The spark for their madness? The EU finally telling the Greeks to start paying up for the billions in debt they had built up due to their lazy lifestyle. Thank God that so far Australia’s Greek community has acted with restraint; which is an indication that they have truly absorbed what it means to be an Aussie.


However Australia should be wary. Like the Greek socialist government, Aussie PM Kevin Rudd has been using the Australian Government credit card and running up debt. So much debt that it won’t be long before hard working Aussies also have to start paying more tax. Who knows, the way things are going the IMF might have to come and bail us out!


And where has all our fair dinkum hard earned cash gone? On typical Labor splurges to help their Union and ethnic group mates!


Rudd in Singapore

Kruddy lecturing bewildered Asian students about the strength of his government.


Krudd and his latte sipper followers have just about spent all the wealth that Australia’s Greatest PM John Howard built up. It is a shocking indictment of the way lefty loonies run government. First they run up the bill by spending on welfare cheats and handouts to illegal immigrants; then they expect the hard working Aussies to pay it back!



One term of this ALP government has been more than enough. If they get elected again who knows what will happen to our wealth. Already they are scaring away mining investment with their socialist tax increases. It is time for a change and already the polls are showing the silent majority of Aussies are agreeing with me.


Give Krudd the boot in 2010!




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